Made with spiral mechanism, using high-precision machineries and certified materials. Used as textile tube, paper core, plastic film core, etc.

Paper Core

Paper core have the characteristics to withstand extreme pressure with a thicker and larger sizes. Used as paper milling core, label core, stretch film core, etc.

Paralel Tube

Created with a scrolling mechanism, using high-precision machinery and certified raw materials. Used as textile tube, firework tube, etc.


Made with spiral mechanism to withstand from yarn tension during spinning.
Smoother bullnosed design technology to ensure the quality of yarn during unwinding.

Paper Tube

Created by reliable and skilled personnel, which has the same attributes as parallel tube.
However, the price is more affordable.

Open End (OE)

FDY is mainly used as a core
yarn for cloth-making process.


Made with modern and high-precision machineries and certified raw materials to ensure higher BCT is achieved.

Papan Lipat Rangka

Created from solid wood and coated with paper.
Mainly used as fabric winding for your textile business.

Papan Lipat Dus

Created from selected recycled cardboard which is available in two options, coated paper or cardboard.

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